90 degree peelVirtually every ASTM and ISO adhesive testing standard, including ASTM D903 and ASTM D3330, requires that each test be repeated on at least 5 specimens. Peel testing procedures usually consist of attaching each specimen to a substrate, loading the prepared specimen onto a testing machine, running the test, removing the specimen, and repeating this process 5 – 10 times. Not only does this extend the time needed to complete a test, it can increase the chance of errors due to inconsistencies in substrates and loading position.

To prevent these problems, ADMET peel testing systems can be equipped with 90 degree peel fixtures designed for fast and easy specimen loading. As you can see in the video below, the system allows several adhesive samples to be secured onto a single substrate. The prepared specimen is secured onto a fixture featuring a sliding plate. To switch between samples, simply slide the plate to position the sample under the vice grip.

peel testing sytsem

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