Recently, an ADMET customer needed an affordable and precise way to perform four-point fatigue bend testing on ceramic materials shaped as either 1 in x 1 in or 2 in x 2 in prisms. ADMET developed a complete solution including test system and fixture that would facilitate their testing needs for many years to come.

Four-point bend fatigue testing with the fixture was conducted at frequencies ranging from 1 Hz-10 Hz and with peak to peak displacements up to 2 mm. The system and bend fixture were rated to perform tests up to 10 kN capacity. To accommodate this, we used a top acting hydraulic testing machine solution.

10Hz Fatigue Test between 750LB and 75LB (R value = 0.1)

Since the material is so rigid in nature, the bend fixture needed to have articulating support and loading noses to ensure contact across the entire surface of the specimens in case of any out of plane specimen geometry. The bend fixture also incorporated a clamping mechanism to ensure specimen was not able to rotate or slide on the bend fixture over the course of 50,000 cycles or more at these high frequencies.

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