eXpert 5601 with sample alignment sensor
Low-friction pneumatic loading fixture with sample alignment sensors

ADMET recently delivered a customized high throughput eXpert 5601 1kN Series Horizontal Testing System to measure the strength of recycled anode and cathode materials in recycled Lithium-Ion batteries. The system accurately determines tensile strength and elongation of delicate copper foil samples, some as thin as 8 microns (0.008 mm). To prevent specimen deformation during setup, ADMET designed a low-friction sample loading fixture, eliminating manual handling and ensuring precise placement into pneumatic grips. This fixture also streamlines preparation by accommodating multiple specimens simultaneously. Additionally, the system includes a sample alignment verification feature, signaling optimal alignment with a green light indicator.

The system was designed to conform to the ASTM E345 and IPC-TM-650 test standards for testing the tensile strength of copper foil.

The green light turns on when the sample is properly aligned

The green indicator light turns on when the sample is properly aligned in the test fixtures

Tensile break test performed on a thin foil sample

Testing the sample until break

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