SRC Engineers, Inc. is an engineering and consulting company based in the heart of the Gulf petrochemical industry, SRC Engineers provides engineering services to the supply companies, contractors and fabricators that support the majors’ off-shore oil rigs, oil and chemical processing plants, as well as transmission facilities and pipelines.

The company tests materials to ASTM standards and reports findings to customers through printed and emailed reports. The lab has six operators who machine and test specimens.

All of SRC Engineers’ machines are older mechanical frames. Typical of universal test frames, the mechanics of the frames themselves last virtually forever. The electromechanical components, however, do fail and, even if they remain operable, updating to digital controls can bring older machines up to current standards.

SRC Engineers has since retrofitted its machines with ADMET’s MTESTQuattro Materials Testing System. “I am 100 percent satisfied,” concluded Bernard. “You couldn’t ask for better. ADMET’s equipment is solid and when I call them, they are so helpful.”

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