There are several ASTM and ISO specifications that require Torque Testing;ISO 594-1, ASTM F543, ASTM 2502, F1541, and A938. drill and screw exampleThere are also many medical device companies that could use a torsion testing system for R&D and prototyping. Many times, the axial forces are low, and the torque capacity is less than 50Nm. ADMET’s 81T Torsion Tester comes in 1-100Nm capacity with dead weight pulley system to offset or to apply load to the sample. A Biaxial configuration, for both linear and torsional control, is available in single or dual column configurations at an additional cost.

Although our systems can be configured vertically or horizontally, our customers say “It is convenient to have a vertically oriented torsion testing system to easily load small samples and perform tests”. A user may want to cycle their device back and forth or rotate 360 degrees. There is no limit to the rotation the 81T. Using MTESTQuattro you can set up single or multi segmented profiles and control the rate based on torque or angle to a torque, angle or time end limit.

Our customers are performing torque tests on:81 T TorsionTester

  • Plastic connectors
  • cannula-handle attachment
  • Titanium Screws
  • Bone Plates
  • Tests to confirm strength of adhesives
  • Bioabsorbable bone screws
  • spinal implant assemblies

torsion tester collets

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