ASTM D3574 applies to slab, bonded, and molded flexible cellular urethane foams. There are many tests in this specification including tests for density, ball rebound, airflow, etc. ADMET manufacturers systems that perform the following common mechanical tests in the specification:

  • Test B1 – Indentation Force Deflection Test (IFD) – Specified Deflection
  • Test B2 – Indentation Force Deflection Test (IFD) – Specified Force
  • Test C – Compression Force Deflection (CFD)
  • Test E – Tension Test
  • Test F – Tear Resistance Test
  • Test I3 – Dynamic Fatigue Test by Constant Force Pounding
  • Test M – Recovery Time of Viscoelastic (Memory) Foam
  • Test X6 – Measuring the Hysteresis Loss of Foams

ADMET’s most common test system for ASTM D3574 and ISO 2439 is the eXpert 5600F. It is available in three versions: fully automatic software control (MTESTQuattro), semi-automatic touchpanel control (eP2), and hand crank manual machine with digital position and force readouts. The eXpert 5900F is similar to the eXpert 5600F although it has a fatigue actuator so it can perform the constant force pounding tests along with fast (non-spec) viscoelastic recovery tests. If you only need to perform the Tensile strength, Elongation, and Tear tests then we recommend our eXpert 7601 universal testing system.

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eXpert 5603F Static Foam Testing System

The eXpert 5603F Foam Testing System includes everything needed to perform the ASTM D3574 static tests and the equivalent ISO tests on urethane foam. The dual-column system, capable of speeds up to 508 mm/min (20 in/min), is designed for sample block sizes as large as 24 in x 24 in. Our standard package includes a perforated lower base plate and swivel jointed upper platen per ASTM requirements. Included with the machine is the MTESTQuattro PC-based control system equipped with the following test procedures that can be easily accessed by the click of a mouse:

  • ASTM D3574- Test B1 / ISO 2439: Indentation Force Deflection (IFD)
  • ASTM D3574- Test C / ISO 3386: Compression Force Deflection (CFD)
  • ASTM D3574- Test E / ISO 1798: Tensile Tests
  • ASTM D3574- Test F / ISO 8067: Tear Resistance Test
  • ASTM D3574- Test X6: Hysteresis Loss

eXpert 5952F Fatigue Foam Testing System

ADMET’s eXpert 5952F series fatigue foam testing machine can perform all the tests that eXpert 5603F can in addition to the Constant Force Pounding test specified under ASTM D3574 Test I3. With a maximum speed of 15,240 mm/min (600 in/min) and fatigue rated components, the dynamic force actuator exceeds the ASTM D3574 speed and cycle requirements. Operators may choose the eXpert 5952F to perform the following tests:

  • ASTM D3574- Test I3 / ISO 3385: Dynamic Fatigue Test by Constant Force Pounding (CFP)
  • ASTM D3574- Test M: Recovery Time
  • ASTM D3574- Static Tests: B1, C, X6, E & F

eXpert 5600 – Custom Mattress Tester

Engineered-to-Order Foam Testing Machines

Taller, shorter, wider, faster, slower; our engineering group will configure a design to meet your specifications. ADMET provides testing systems developed for end user products such as chair cushions, mattresses and box springs. Custom frames, rolling test plates and adjustable height actuators allow for a wide range of sizes and shapes

ADMET has the solution for your foam testing needs

ADMET’s high-feature testing machines have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the foam testing industry. After working closely with leaders in the foam industry, we have determined that traditional universal testing machines are not the ideal foam testing solution. Specifically, most systems do not offer enough horizontal testing space to accommodate larger foam samples or provide the capability to perform tension testing. Those that do are designed with other applications in mind and are prohibitively expensive. The eXpert 5603F and eXpert 5952F testers solve these issues by combining a frame designed specifically for foam specimens with our proven tension/compression actuators and machine controllers. The eXpert 5603F and 5952F both come equipped with ADMET’s MTESTQuattro PC-based control system. MTESTQuattro also provides the flexibility to specify a variety of user-defined tests in addition to preloaded ASTM D3574 and ISO test procedures.


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