ASTM F2077-03 is a standard test method for static and dynamic testing of intervertebral body fusion device assemblies. This test method will provide information to compare the mechanical characteristics of different assemblies for different spinal locations and various methods of inserting these assemblies. This standard focuses on all aspects of the spine; cervical, thoracic, and lumber.

This blog post is a quick summary of the full specification. For the full specification details.                                                           Neck skeleton

There are several types of tests performed for ASTM F2077-03; Static and Dynamic Tests.

Static Tests 

  • Axial Compression Test
  • – Inline Stainless Steel Test Blocks, compress at a rate of 25mm/minute until failure.
  • Compression Shear Test
  • -Inferior fixture designed to orient the initial position of the intervertebral device Z axis at 45 degrees flexion relative to the push rod’s axis. Pull at rate of 25mm/minute until failure.
  • Torsion Test– Inline, Pushrod connected to superior fixture by a spherical gimbal mechanism, Twist at a rate of 60 degrees/minute until failure. Compressive preloads of 100N, 300N, and 500N are required for this test.


  • Record Load vs. Displacement or Torque vs. Angle
  • Yield Displacement/Angle
  • Stiffness
  • Yield Load/Torque
  • Ultimate Display
  • Ultimate Load/Torque

Dynamic / Fatigue Tests

Polyacetal Test Blocks with appropriate matching geometry to Intervertebral Body Fusion Device Assembly.

  1. Need at least six data points- Max loads for initial fatigue tests are 25%, 50%, 75% of Ultimate Static load determined above.
  2. Plot semi log- load/torque vs. number of cycles to failure
  3. Max runout load/torque is determined.
  • R-Value of 10 should be used for axial compression & compression shear tests. R value of -1 for Torsion Tests.
  • Frequency <=10Hz according to Index X1.9 ( see specification full listing at

Biaxial Testing System

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