Our Culture

The importance of customer service dominates the workplace culture at ADMET. Starting with the marketing department and the Account Directors on our sales team and moving through the engineering and technical support staff, customer service shines through. Our internal language and philosophy are centered around improving the life of our customers. Long before you become a customer of ADMET, you will experience a service mentality before hearing sales language.

A review of our marketing collateral reveals a focus on deliverables, improvements, applied technology and how customers will use our systems. Our web site is rich in videos because we believe that people learn more from seeing something in action instead of reading the manual. We try to take the perspective of our customers. We try to look down their end of the lens.

Plastic testing on an eXpert 2600

Plastic testing on an eXpert 2600

Our sales team doesn’t sound like a traditional sales team. Our Account Directors define themselves by the questions they ask, not by repeating features and benefits of our systems. We want to start a conversation with you. Our initial objective in sales is not to sell but to serve. Serve first, sell second. We diagnose your situation and therefore we gain insight into your needs. We help you prioritize those needs and we clarify if we can help. You are more likely to hear project management language from our sales team than sales moves! If we can help, we want to talk about configured solutions around your needs, and about operational dates including training.

And even if we can’t help because you require a testing laboratory not a manufacturer, or you require a system outside of our expertise, we will point you in the right direction. It’s just the right thing to do.

We Tailor Systems Based on Customers’ Needs

Our customer-centricity is best seen in our ability to configure systems to your needs. We manufacture a great family of products covering a plethora of applications but we find each case requires a specific configuration. Each potential customer has their own success criteria related to their industry, application and material. Each prospect does something their own specific way. For example, if a quality control team has already developed grips or is planning to build their own fixtures, we will accommodate by creating a machine that can incorporate these tools.

Because ADMET sales professionals and engineers are focused on service, they are trained to diagnose the requirements of customers and provide the solutions they need.

For example, the adhesives-focused Nerites Corporation came to ADMET to test the mechanical properties of tissue adhesives and sealants. We worked with this organization to meet their requirements, such as providing a fluid bath to test their materials in situ.

Testing-Lab-Worker“I contacted ADMET and explained our needs and the force ranges in which we would be working and the fact that we wanted to have a certain amount of computerized control,” said Dr. Jeffrey Dalsin, a senior scientist at the Nerites Corporation. “I also explained that we wanted to test underwater. The in-house ADMET machine makes it easier to test different formulations quickly.

Even when prospects have an existing system we find ways to add improvements to their situation. We’ve been offering a retrofit service for more than 20 years to assist production managers who have an older materials testing machine. In these cases they may need to upgrade the system, especially since many national standards are updated and changed regularly. At ADMET, we provide a cost-effective service to install and retrofit a machine with fixtures, controllers, environmental chambers, extensometers, and other devices so that our customers do not have to purchase a whole new system.

Customer Support

After the sale, the key test of customer service kicks in. Can you reach a human being trained in your system who can quickly deal with your issue?


The customer support process begins the moment we receive your call or email.  An ADMET employee will engage you in a dialogue about your needs and what you want to accomplish. After understanding your goals, we create and communicate a clear path of action to achieve success.  This process of listening to you, the customer, and providing quick and timely deliverables is repeated until all your needs have been met and you are satisfied.

At ADMET, we believe that fast and effective customer support is essential to the customer experience. Whether you have lost your system documentation; require assistance with an ASTM or ISO standard, or have an in-depth technical question, the ADMET customer support team is here to assist and enhance your experience with our products.

We Serve Leading Organizations

Our list of customers available here speaks for itself. We have worked with leading universities, manufacturers, government agencies, biomedical companies, and testing laboratories around the world. This includes Carnegie Mellon University, Harvard University, MIT, Georgia Tech, NASA, General Electric, DuPont, John Deere, Boston Scientific, Johnson & Johnson, and Partners Healthcare.