Various medical and adhesive manufacturers follow ASTM and ISO testing standards before bringing surgical tape to market. The pressure-sensitive adhesive tape goes through a rigorous process of testing to ensure the material is strong and durable without causing harm to the patient.

Medical tapes are used primarily for first aid treatment and as a type of bandage or dressing for wounds. These tapes need to be hypoallergenic and allow oxygen to reach the skin, which is why surgical bandages are often created from cotton. Zinc oxide is added to these materials to prevent infection in patients. Many athletes also utilize these materials as a form of grip during their games.

Medical tape must be tested and analyzed to assess product quality, safety, reliability, and toxicity. ADMET provides a multitude of materials testing machines to determine the strength and properties of various adhesives. The list includes the eXpert 2600 Series static axial dual-column testing machines, the eXpert 5000 Series modular lower force testing machines, and the eXpert 7601 Adhesive Testing System.

ADMET systems are utilized by the adhesives sector to determine the peel strength, shear, and bonding properties of tapes and adhesives. The controllers available with the ADMET systems, such as the MTESTQuattro PC-based standalone unit or the eP2 digital controller, are able to average peel strength loads over a specified distance and simplify reporting through a variety of means.

Testing laboratories choose the MTESTQuattro software controller in order to receive powerful data storage capabilities along with impressive analysis and reporting tools. The eP2 controller, however, has been made for ease of use and shows results directly on the screen immediately after the test is completed.

A selection of grips and fixtures also offer users the ability to perform various peel tests and design their own experiments. These accessories include 90 degree peel fixtures, loop tack fixtures, and 180 degree grips for peel tests. All ADMET systems meet and exceed the requirements of ASTM and ISO accuracy standards. Some of these specifications include ASTM D1876 (Peel Resistance), ASTM D6195 (Loop Tack Release), and ASTM D903 (180 Degree Peel Strength Test). These testing machines can also be used to assess the seal strength of packages.

To determine the peel strength of medical tape, many adhesives manufacturing companies choose ADMET’s eXpert 7601 Adhesive Testing System, which allows users to perform many tests on a single machine. Our units are easy to use and can be tailored to your needs. Support services and on-site installation is also available. For more information about ADMET’s adhesive testing machines, contact to speak with our Account Directors.

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