Triosyn Corp., a subsidiary of Safe Life Corp., manufactures antimicrobial membranes that devitalize viruses, bacteria and fungi. Its patented resin, Triosyn®, not only captures but renders the microbes harmless. Many of its products are certified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

Triosyn® conducts a number of bio, filtration and mechanical characterization tests on its products. The decision was made to test the material lots to ASTM D5035-06 specifications as they were received to determine the tensile strength of the material.

The company had been using an outside lab to test elongation of the straps on its face masks but decided to bring the process in-house for the substrate testing.

Teuscher set out to find an affordable, capable Universal Testing Machine (UTM). He was looking for a new machine but was put off by the price tag. He thought he would have to go to a refurbished machine, but then he found ADMET. “Compared to all the others – and I have a whole list of them – ADMET was the least expensive by a factor of three from the closest competitor for a product that was capable of doing what we needed without buying a refurbished machine,” said Teuscher.

Teuscher worked with an ADMET sales engineer to specify the proper test system. He ordered an ADMET eXpert 5601 single column tabletop testing machine paired with the eP2 Digital Controller with GaugeSafe Data Exchange Software.“The beauty of it is that you can turn it into a horizontal tester based on the way the machine works. It really is a unique design for tensile testing machines because the actuator is one separate unit.”

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