A University of Michigan research laboratory is conducting mechanical testing of bone to measure its mechanical properties. Led by Prof. David Kohn, the lab conducts destructive tests that flex the bone to failure in a four-point bend fixture. Their research calls for a system that can accurately control the deflection rate, and generate a flexural stress versus strain curve. Another test results in a cyclic control profile in which the specimen is cycled between two defined values at a frequency of one Hertz for two hours.

Prior to finding ADMET, the lab used an in-house-built testing machine for flexural testing, but this could not meet requirements for repeatable and accurate deflection rate control.

To provide precise, repeatable flexure and break tests, the lab selected an ADMET eXpert 5600 series low-force universal materials testing machine equipped with MTESTQuattro, a PC-based controller that offers a wide range of flexibility in control, data acquisition, analysis, and reporting.

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