eXpert 2600 with extensometer

eXpert 2600 with extensometer

Whether a company manufactures textiles, plastics, elastomers or stronger materials, it is necessary that all products undergo sufficient quality control procedures. Along with ensuring materials are superior, all regulations such as ASTM specifications need to be followed before bringing items to market.

One dual-column universal testing machine that is capable of performing peel, tension, compression and flexure tests is the ADMET eXpert 2600 series. Along with a large variety of tests this machine can conduct, a variety of businesses reach out to ADMET for the eXpert 2600 series due to the many types of materials it can accomodate.

This universal testing machine is able to hold and measure the properties of a variety of materials including plastics, metals, composites, adhesives, strapping, textiles, webbing, rope, wood and foam.

One reason that customers come to ADMET to purchase the eXpert 2600 series is because of its ability to provide more force and a higher distance of travel compared to ADMET’s other products. Because of its dual-column capabilities, this machine is able to handle stronger materials than the single-column systems, as it reaches past a 2,000 lbs breaking force. This series also includes superior axial alignment, stiffness and crosshead guidance.

Another benefit of this series is that these dual-column machines can incorporate environmental chambers, thereby allowing testing of objects and specialized materials in both hot and cold climates.

This system is offered in both tabletop and freestanding format. Benchtop models can test adhesives, biomaterials, metals, films, packaging, plastics, textiles, wires and other materials at forces between 2kN and 50kN. Freestanding models, on the other hand, are able to exert a force up to 200 kN.

The engineering and customer support teams at ADMET provide a customizable, reliable and trusted product that exceeds all ASTM/ISO accuracy standards.

Each testing machine ADMET offers comes with one of two servo controllers – either the MTESTQuattro PC-Based controller or the standalone eP2 Digital Controller. The MTESTQuattro offers extensive options in control, data attainment, analysis and reporting while the eP2 Digital Controller offers a more simplified interface for more basic tests.

Other accessories must be purchased along with eXpert 2600 series, such as grips, fixtures and cutting tools. Optional items – environmental chambers, extensometers or temperature-controlled baths – may also be added to increase the versatility of the machine. In addition, extensometers and deflectometers provide higher accuracy for materials testing.

After procuring the testing system and all necessary items, ADMET provides training and support to our customers. Along with manuals, tutorials and introductory online educational resources, our staff can deliver on-site training. Free phone and email support is also provided throughout the life of a system.

So why would a business owner choose to purchase the eXpert 2600 series from ADMET? The answer to this question includes ADMET’s ease of use, specialized configuration to suit consumer needs, customer-centric products and services, best value for product type and highly accurate systems.

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