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Quantitative material research and development strategies require hard numbers to base material or product direction. When innovation leads you where no one has been before, it may be necessary to modify existing or engineer a new piece of testing equipment in order to obtain relevant empirical data. Our engineering team works hand in hand with you to design specialized testing systems to meet your unique requirements. Whether you are increasing the flexural strength of surgical grafts, developing light weight windshields, compounding wider temperature range elastomer sealing systems or advancing the next generation of aerospace composites, ADMET testing machines offer customized, accurate and reliable performance you can count on.

Material Research and Development Customers Include:

The Right Solution for Your Material Research Needs

ADMET material testing machines can perform tension, compression, flexure, torsion, axial-torsion, and planar biaxial tests in order to quantify and evaluate the static and dynamic characteristics of your samples. In addition to our standard product line, we also offer engineered solutions customized to meet your unique material research and development testing requirements.

For information on our standard product lines:

For a custom engineered solutions contact a sales engineer at (800) 667-3220, fill out an inquiry or check out the links below :

ADMET’s MTESTQuattro controller and software is our most popular and most advanced material testing system and is highly recommended for researchers who run complex tests. Pre-packaged or customer generated test procedures provide the capability to perform a variety of tests using the same testing system. ADMET will also develop custom test methods to meet your requirements.

eXpert 5950 Fatigue Testing Machine for Material Research
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Equipment often Selected for Material Research and Development

Material Reserach and Development Fatigue Testing Machines

Fatigue Testing Machines

The eXpert 3910, 3930, 5950 and 9900 series table top dynamic testing machines are compact, quiet, and clean electro-dynamic testing systems for determining the durability of materials and components in tension, compression or flexure. All dynamic fatigue testing systems are equipped with the MTESTQuattro high-speed closed-loop controller.

Material Reserach and Development Universal Testing Machines

eXpert 2600 Dual Column

The eXpert 2600 series universal testing machines are available in table top or floor standing configurations from 2 kN to 300 kN. The 2600 series testers tackle the toughest tests with their superior axial alignment, stiffness, and crosshead guidance. A simple yet customizable design allows for lower cost, faster delivery, and years of maintenance free operation.

  • Capacity up to 300 kN (67,500 lbf); Speeds up to 2,540 mm/min (100 in/min)
  • Table top units available in horizontal or vertical configuration
  • Exceeds ASTM and ISO accuracy standards
  • Read the eXpert 2600 brochure
Material Research and Development BioTense Bioreactor

BioTense Bioreactor

The BioTense Perfusion Bioreactor is an innovative instrument to help tissue engineers and cell biologists perform high resolution investigation in mechanobiology. Unique to the BioTense is its ability to apply mechanical stimulation and directly observe cell/matrix interaction at magnification over long periods of time. The Bioreactor sits atop the XYZ stage of an inverted microscope.

  • Maintains desired concentrations of nutrients through a perfusion process
  • Provides a window to directly observe cellular activity at high magnification
  • Accurately controls reactor temperature
  • Read the BioTense Bioreactor brochure

Material Research and Development Case Studies

cust_logo_neritesOne of ADMET’s customer, Nerites Corporation of Madison, Wisconsin, was founded in 2004 to develop novel adhesives and coatings for a wide range of medical, industrial and consumer applications although the majority of work focuses on structural adhesives and coatings for biomedical applications. Its innovative approach creates synthetic adhesives and coatings that mimic the binding proteins of the common blue mussel (Mytilus edulis). As Nerites’ material research progressed, it needed to test the adhesive properties of its MedhesiveTM product in wet (saline) environments that mimic conditions found in the human body. ADMET diagnosed, designed and delivered an eXpert 5602 universal testing machine in a horizontal configuration that could accommodate a saline bath. This accurate and flexible system fit the bill and positioned Nerites to successfully conduct their wide range of materials tests.

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Benefit from our Experience


Material research and development professionals have worked with our engineers throughout various stages of product development. ADMET material testing machines have helped launch new products, secure patents and have been published in scientific journals. Our team also has experience with industry regulations such as FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

We offer lifetime technical and application support with our testing systems so you can make the most out of your investment.