eXpert 8600 | Axial-Torsion Tester

ADMET offers a full line of table top and floor standing axial-torsion test machines. Our eXpert 8600 Axial-Torsion testing systems come equipped with our powerful MTESTQuattro controller making them ideal for testing a wide range of materials and devices like screws in torsion, medical implant and body fusion devices, luer taper fittings, adhesives, and biomaterials.

The eXpert 8600 features high axial and torsional rigidity and have oil-free linear and rotary actuators for clean room operation. They also feature unlimited torsion actuator rotation, wide column spacings, and large actuator strokes for maximum flexibility.

ADMET also offers a full line of axial-torsion grips and chucks. Specimens can be tested in an optional fluid bath with heating and cooling for producing the desired physiological environment. A variety of low-force load and axial-torsion transducers are available to meet your needs.

eXpert 8600 Axial-Torsion Testing Machine performing Medical Adhesive Test

eXpert 8602 performing ASTM F543

eXpert 8600 Axial-Torsion Demonstration

Traction-Torsion Watch Band Testing Demonstration
  • Table-Top units available in vertical or horizontal orientations
  • Speed up to 100 in/min
  • Capacity (kN): 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 150 , 200, 300
  • Capacity (lbf): 1k, 2k, 5k, 10k, 20k, 30k, 40k, 50k
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Featured Configurations

eXpert 8600 for ASTM F543 Testing

The eXpert 8600 equipped with the MTESTQuattro controller can be specially configured to test metallic medical bone screws according to ASTM F543.

eXpert 8600 watch band traction torsion tester

eXpert 8600 for Watch Band Traction-Torsion Testing

This configuration of the eXpert 8600 is designed to perform traction-torsion testing on watch bands.

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