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ASTM F543 medical bone screw testing setup

eXpert 8600 for ASTM F543 Testing

The eXpert 8600 equipped with the MTESTQuattro controller is specially configured to test metallic medical bone screws according to ASTM F543.  Included with the system is the required fixturing to perform the four test methods outlined in Annexes A1-A4. ADMET MTESTQuattro software comes preloaded with these test procedures. To run a test, the operator needs to install the correct fixturing in the machine and select the appropriate test method from the menu.

  • Software preloaded with ASTM F543 test methods Annexes A1-A4
  • Axial load capacity up to 2.2kN (500lbf), Torque capacity up to 20Nm (180 lbf-in)
  • Includes:
    • Keyless hand chuck mounted on drive spindle
    • Collet Screw Clamp System (Annex A1)
    • Centering Machine Vice (Annexes A2, A3 and A4)
    • Pull Out Adapter (Annex A3)
Solid ice axial torsion testing machine

eXpert 8600 for Solid Ice Specimen Testing

The eXpert 8600 configuration for testing solid ice specimens was amongst the slowest moving 8600 series machines built with speeds down to 0.8 degrees per minute. The testing system was equipped with an environmental chamber and a custom-designed fixture for ice specimens to allow very precise angular movements. In addition, backlash kits with adjustable spring loaded fixtures were included to preload the axial actuator in compressive and torsion CW and CCW directions.

  • Axial load capacity up to 5kN (1,125lbf), Torque load capacity up to 50Nm (445 lbf-in)
  • Full range of speeds:
    • 0.000001 to 0.36 ipm axial rate, 0.0000003 to 0.01 rpm twist rate
  • Two different speed ranges at high gear/low gear:
    • Axial: 0.36 ipm (low gear) and 0.03 ipm (high gear), Torsion: 3.6 degrees per min (low gear) and  0.0001 degrees per min at (high gear)
Medical Adhesive Testing in a heated fluid bath

eXpert 8600 for Medical Adhesive Testing

The eXpert 8600 series was configured to test medical adhesives in a heated fluid bath with a viewport. Adhesive properties of biomaterials was measured in shear utilizing a custom shear fixture. Properties were reported and graphed in the ADMET MTESTQuattro software.

  • Axial load capacity up to 225N (50lbf), Torque load capacity up to 1Nm (8.8 lbf-in)
  • Axial speeds up to 50mm/min (2in/min), Twist rate up to 10 rpm
  • Includes:
    • Heated fluid bath with viewport
    • Custom shear fixture
  • Click for video showing the test procedure
eXpert 8600 watch band traction torsion tester

eXpert 8600 for Watch Band Traction-Torsion Testing

This configuration of the eXpert 8602 is designed to perform traction-torsion testing on watch bands. Specialized test fixturing and the option to include environmental chambers with humidity control allow users to perform traction-torsion and tension tests to determine the lifetime of the band in various simulated conditions. Testing can be controlled by either torque or angle set points.

  • Axial capacity up to 2.2kN (500lbf), Torque capacity up to 20Nm (177lbf-in)
  • Axial speeds up to 178mm/min (7ipm), Twist rate up to 60 rpm
  • Specialized fixturing to test watch bands, accommodating both tongue buckle and folding buckle designs
  • Click for more information
ISO 80369 testing machine for small bore connectors

eXpert 8600 for ISO 80369 Small Bore-Connector Testing

An eXpert 8600 configuration was built per ISO 80369 standard test method to evaluate the performance requirements of small-bore connectors for liquids and gases in medical applications. The system was equipped with custom vise grips designed per the standard and biaxial MTESTQuattro Controller & Software.

  • Designed for ISO 80369-20 test methods
  • Axial capacity up to 2.2kN (500lbf), Torque capacity up to 28Nm (250lbf-in)
  • 10rpm twist rate at 10Nm
  • Custom ISO 80369 vise grip assembly
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