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Axial-Torsion Testing System configured for Watch Band Traction-Torsion Testing

The eXpert 8600 Axial-Torsion testing system can be configured to perform life testing on watch bands and components.  Specialized test fixturing and the option to include environmental chambers with humidity control allow users to perform traction-torsion and tension tests to determine the lifetime of the band in various simulated conditions.  Testing can be controlled by either torque or angle set points.  In addition, since the eXpert 8600 is a Universal Testing Machine, other fixtures and accessories can be equipped, enabling users to perform a wide range of tension, compression, and axial-torsion tests.

All ADMET axial-torsion testing systems come equipped with MTESTQuattro, our powerful and versatile software controller.  Users can easily create and recall ASTM compatible and user-definable test procedures and generate test reports that include a stress vs. strain curve and a summary of observed and calculated mechanical data, such as load at break.  MTESTQuattro also comes with many automated features like break detection, which stops the test when the test specimen fails.

Typical watch band tests simulate wear of leather, rubber, and metal watch bands, accommodating both tongue buckle and folding buckle designs.

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