Planar Biaxial Test Machines
Work with us to design a planar biaxial system for your application

Planar Biaxial | Testing Along Two Axes

ADMET’s planar biaxial test machines are engineered to your sample size, elongation, and test speed and force specifications. Due to the difficulty in gripping many of the sample materials, we engineer special grips, fixtures and jigs to ensure samples are properly loaded in the machine.

  • Offered in capacities up to 2 kN (500 lbf)
  • Actuator strokes and speeds are tailored to specimen size and testing requirements
  • Capable of performing static and cyclic fatigue tests
  • Operates with ADMET’s MTESTQuattro controller. Each axis can be programmed for independent or coordinated motion.
  • Tension/compression + torsion or planar biaxial
  • Quiet, compact and low maintenance
  • Exceeds ASTM and ISO accuracy standards
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