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Pi | Peak Load Indicator

Simply connect the Pi indicator with a load cell or pressure transducer to a machine capable of compressing or pulling materials, components, and devices to measure their live and peak load/stress.

The Pi Peak Load Indicator is ADMET’s lowest cost readout. Features include live load and peak load with load rate, stress, and stress rate display available as options. The Pi has multiple calibration points for maximum system accuracy.

  • Peak load indication
  • Selectable load engineering units of lbf, N, kN & kgf
  • ASTM E4 compatible calibration
  • Programmable load resolution and maximum load range
  • Hands free operation, no button pushing required of the operator:
    • Automatic test reset for,
    • Automatic start of data logging after threshold
    • Automatic sample break detect
  • Analog load input channel for either a pressure transducer or a load Cell

Additional Pi R features:

  • Rate of load indication

Additional Pi XS features: 

  • Peak load or stress values
  • Rate of load or rate of stress values
  • Selectable stress engineering units of psi, kPa, MPa and Kg/cm2
  • Selectable specimen geometry (dimensions are preset)
  • Pi-XS can be used with GaugeSafe Data Exchange Software:
    • Upload stored test results to a Windows computer
    • Save test results to memory
    • Export test results as CSV file for spreadsheets
    • Print the results report





Live Load/Peak LoadXXX
Load RateXX
Live Stress/Peak StressX
Stress RateX
Select cylinder, cube, or beam specimen geometriesX
Store up to 400 tests to memory and upload to computer using GaugeSafeX
Click here to download the Pi Peak Load Indicator Brochure

Click here to download the GaugeSafe + Pi-XS Brochure

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