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ADMET has the expertise to design, build, deliver, and implement custom mechanical test equipment from small table top electromechanical systems to high capacity hydraulic test frames. Our team will work with you from the initial contact to ensure that the system is designed to meet your exact requirements and will be reliable and easy to use. Custom projects are based on our proven MTESTQuattro controller and software in use on test frames around the world. ADMET’s engineering group is structured to handle unique and demanding projects and we look forward to working with you.

Below are some examples of engineered solutions we’ve built for customers in the past.

Solar Panel Cyclic Bend Testing

Industrial Valve Spring Compression Testing

Full Size Mattress Compression Tester

Material Wear Testing Machine for Airline Seat Cushions

ADMET Custom Large H-Frame Mattress Tester

ASTM D3574 I3 Foam Testing with an ADMET Constant Deflection Pounding Machine

Our engineers will work with you to develop a customized testing solution that fits your exact requirements. Force capacity, stroke, machine size, and many other characteristics can be tailored to suit your specifications. Please contact us today by filling out our sales contact form or call us at (800) 667-3220.

Featured Configurations

eXpert 5952 Solar Panel Bend Tester

eXpert 5952 Solar Panel Bend Testing System

This eXpert 5900 system has been specially configured to be the ideal instrument to perform bend testing on solar panels.

Horizontal Pipe Tensile Tester

Horizontal Pipe
Tensile Tester

This large custom system is perfect for customers who need to test entire pipe sections and their fusion welds.

eXpert 2650 Wide Universal Testing System

eXpert 2650 Series Wide Testing System

The ADMET eXpert 2650 Series Wide Universal Testing Machines are a great option for customers who require a large testing space as well as precise load and position measurements.

Custom Large H-Frame Furniture Tester

Custom Large H-Frame Furniture Tester

This customized test frame has a repositionable actuator that moves independent of the crosshead, giving users maximum flexibility in test preparation and specimen dimension.

ASTM D6128 Bulk Solid Shear Tester

eXpert 5600 Bulk Solid Shear Testing System

Adapted from “ASTM D6128 – Standard Test Method for Shear Testing of Bulk Solids Using the Jenike Shear Tester”, the Bulk Solid Shear Tester is a bi-axial system with an eXpert 5600 actuator and an eP2 Controller that could be easily controlled by the user and provide very precise and repeatable results.

“Squirmin’ Herman” test system

“Squirmin’ Herman” Testing System for Seat Cushions

ADMET wear testing machines come with a dynamic actuator and the fixturing required to run the test of your choice. This featured configuration shows the dynamic foam testing system with the Squirmin’ Herman fixture, designed per the standard. The dynamic movement can be controlled by both position and load.

“Squirmin’ Herman” test system

eXpert 2600 Video Extensometer and Tripod Slide System

eXpert 2600 frame equipped with a 2D DIC system on a tripod slide system to give the customer the ability to quickly and easily change from one test to the next where radically different material specimens and elongations are tested. The rail system allows easy slide from about 1ft working distance to specimen to 8ft-12ft. The system is equipped with an environmental chamber to allow testing at various temperatures.

“Squirmin’ Herman” test system

eXpert 5600 Small Specimen Fatigue Testing

eXpert 5600 configured for very slow tensile tests on order of 10^-5 mm/mm/sec strain rate on specimens that are about 2mm in gauge length features a unique grip design with an alignment fixture to connect to the two opposing grips to ensure perfect alignment. It also incorporates alignment fingers to ensure that the specimen would be perfectly vertical in the plane of the grip faces.

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