H-Frame Furniture & Mattress Tester with Actuated Crosshead

User-Friendly Adjustable Test Set Up

Delivering systems that are easy to use and configured to the specific needs of the customer have long been part of ADMET’s core values. The newest iteration of our H-Frame Furniture and Mattress Tester includes an actuated crosshead that takes user friendliness to another level.

The goal of this test frame is to allow users with various test specimen sizes and heights to easily transition from one test to the next. Adjusting the crosshead height is fast and simple with the touch of a button. There is no time wasted with having to manually adjust crosshead height and lock in place with collars or bolts. The actuator can also slide the entire width of the frame to allow for compression testing at multiple locations on the specimen.

Selectable Actuator and Controller

Aside from the benefits of the test frame itself, the user still has multiple options when selecting the system’s actuator and controller. Static testing can be performed with ADMET’s eXpert 5600 series actuators, while faster and more dynamic tests can be handled by eXpert 5900 series actuators. Both the MTESTQuattro or eP2 controller can be used with this system to suit the test procedures and reporting capabilities required by the user.

  • Frame design is customizable to fit your specific furniture and mattress sizes/heights
  • Transition between different specimen sizes & shapes is fast and easy with motor driven crosshead jog and sliding actuator.
  • Actuator is independent from crosshead control to allow more freedom and flexibility with system design depending on required load capacity and actuator speed for either static or dynamic tests.
  • Exceeds ASTM and ISO standards for accuracy
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