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Fatigue test solar panels quickly and easily with this specialized system

The eXpert 5952 Solar Panel Testing System is a floor-standing fatigue system that employs a brushless rotary motor with rugged roller screw design for higher force and longer stroke applications. All of ADMET’s dynamic fatigue testing systems are equipped with the MTESTQuattro high-speed closed-loop controller.

Fatigue testing is required to ensure that solar panels can endure environmental conditions over the course of their operational life time. The eXpert 5950 system loads the solar panel using a modified four point bend arrangement and deflection is recorded using both crosshead travel and a linear displacement probe.

The system includes a camera to monitor and record crack propagation on the solar cell. Simultaneously, a power supply provides an input voltage and current which travels through the solar panel and is recorded by the ADMET controller system MTESTQuattro. The drop in voltage and current acts as an additional indicator of cell damage.

Solar panels will shatter under failure. To ensure operator safety, the custom design incorporated a full safety shield. If the safety shield doors are opened during the test, electrical interlocks automatically send a signal to MTESTQuattro to end the test and stop all machine movement.

As with all our custom systems, the following specifications can be adjusted based on your testing application

  • Internal camera to capture solar cell crack propagation, triggered by MTESTQuattro
  • Specialized bend fixture optimized for solar panel testing
  • Electric lock safety feature to prevent door opening during testing
  • Nominal test frequency 1.5 Hz
  • Supports static and dynamic testing
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