Large Plastic Pipe Tester
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Custom Designed System for Testing Large Plastic Pipe

ADMET’s horizontal pipe tensile tester is a specialized servohydraulic test machine for the pipe manufacturing industry. While there are many published test procedures for PE and HDPE pipe manufacturers to test their material on a small scale in terms of tensile and compressive strength, the horizontal pipe tensile tester machine provides testing capabilities for those interested in studying the entire pipe sections in tension and the integrity of butt fusion welds.

The horizontal pipe tester can be engineered to meet your specifications for specimen size, tensile strength, elongation, speed of testing, and desired method of specimen mounting. Both our MTESTQuattro and eP2 controllers can be used to operate the machine, and our sales engineers will be sure to recommend the proper equipment based on your requirements.

  • Custom engineered to your specifications
  • Dual stage hydraulic power unit to allow faster speeds when jogging the actuator under no load conditions
  • Hand-held tethered controller to jog actuator from any location around the machine
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