BioTense Bioreactor
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BioTense | Perfusion Bioreactor

The BioTense Perfusion Bioreactor is a next generation instrument to help tissue engineers and cell biologists perform high resolution investigation in mechanobiology. Unique to the BioTense is its ability to apply uniaxial mechanical stimulation and directly observe cell/matrix interaction at high magnification over long periods of time. BioTense is a self-contained instrument capable of applying uniaxial forces to 7N and elongations of 25mm. The Bioreactor sits a top the XYZ stage of an inverted microscope.

To date, the instrument has successfully recorded a) the process of fibroblasts populating, growing to confluence and stratifying on different substrates; b) complex and organized cell sheet motions; and c) coordinated extracellular matrix production. As with all of our testing systems, ADMET will tailor the BioTense design to meet your needs.

Mechanobiology focuses on the way cells sense and respond to mechanical stimulation. A major challenge in the field is understanding mechanotransduction. Mechanotransduction refers to the process by which the body converts mechanical loading into cellular responses. The BioTense Bioreactor is a groundbreaking instrument specifically designed for investigating mechanotransduction.

BioTense Bioreactor – Cell/Matrix Interaction Before and After Applied Construct Strain
  • Enables cells to proliferate and differentiate over long periods of time.
  • Maintains desired concentrations of nutrients through a perfusion process.
  • Exposes tissues to uniaxial force and strain fields.
  • Provides a window to directly observe cellular activity at high magnification.
  • Accurately controls reactor temperature.
  • Minimizes dead space volume with an adjustable height chamber.
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