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small universal testing machine performing a tensile test

eXpert 4200 Universal Testing Machine

eXpert 4000 models are available in four standard force capacities and are commonly customized for unique applications. This featured configuration has a 500N capacity and can go up to 500 mm/min. Dual active crossheads move in opposing directions so the center of the specimen remains stationary.  Depending on the material being tested, customers may choose from various clamps and fixtures to test biomaterials, wire, textiles, plastics, films, foils and more.

  • Universal testing machine designed for miniature specimen testing
  • Capacity up to 500 N (112 lbf)
  • Speeds up to 500 mm/min (20 in/min)
small material testing machine performing a tensile test in an environmental chamber

eXpert 4000 in Environmental Chamber

eXpert 4000 systems can be configured to fit in new or existing environmental chambers. In this featured configuration, frame components and tensile grips are rated up to 280˚C. The F-280DT environmental chamber is the standard configuration and can test materials up to 350˚C. If cooling is needed, either LN2 or CO2 may be used. Environmental chamber dimensions and temperature ranges can be customized upon request.

  • Designed for use in environmental chamber
  • Capacity up to 5 kN (1,250 lbf)
  • Speeds up to 25 mm/min (1 in/min)
small electrodynamic material testing system for fatigue testing

eXpert 4000 Electrodynamic Configuration

The eXpert 4900 7N Electrodynamic MicroTest System was designed to measure the viscoelastic properties of tissue specimens. The featured system is capable of cyclic frequencies up to 100Hz with 10nm displacement resolution. MTESTQuattro dynamic controller was used to conduct dynamic mechanical analysis by applying sinusoidal varying force to the tissue test specimen and measure the resulting strain response.

  • Electrodynamic frame and components
  • Capacity up to 7 N (1.5 lbf)
  • Cyclic frequencies up to 100Hz
microtester with a microscope camera performing a test

eXpert 4000 with Digital Microscope

The featured eXpert 4000 series 45N horizontal configuration is equipped with a 200x microscope for recording the specimen break when testing the strength of individual stent welds. With opposing moving crossheads, the center of the specimen never moves; a necessary feature when the MicroTester is used with a microscope to measure strain. In addition, a custom grip assembly was engineered and included with the system to quickly load each specimen, isolate a weld, and clamp the surrounding wire.

  • Designed to work with a microscope
  • Capacity up to 45 N (10 lbf)
  • Speeds up to 25 mm/min (1 in/min)
axial torsion microtester performing a test on a wire

eXpert 4000 Axial-Torsion Configuration

eXpert 4000 series multiaxial configuration is designed for axial-torsion testing and features the MTESTQuattro axial-torsion controller and software. The system is built to perform material testing in the customer’s SEM. The axial force capacity of the system is 1.5kN and maximum axial speed is 5 mm/min. Torque capacity is 0.5Nm and maximum rotation speed is 2.7 rpm. System includes integral encoders and limit switches. An optional safety shield can also be added as an enclosure.

  • Designed for axial-torsion testing
  • Axial capacity up to 1.5 kN (335 lbf), torque capacity up to 0.5Nm
  • Axial speeds up to 5 mm/min (0.2 in/min), rotational speed up to 2.7 rpm
microtester with red hot heated grips performing a tensile test

eXpert 4000 Heated Configuration

The heated eXpert 4200 MicroTest System was engineered to perform Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) Analysis in Zeiss Supra 55 SEM. High temperature grips able to accommodate temperatures up to 650˚C were oriented in 30 degree increments from the horizontal and the load cell was mounted on the opposite side of the frame to provide adequate test space inside the chamber. Another factor taken into account to maximize test space was the clearance between the eXpert 4200 frame and the chamber doorway when clamping the specimen in the grips.

  • Heated configuration for EBSD analysis
  • Capacity up to 2.2 kN (500 lbf)
  • Speeds up to 3 mm/min (0.12 in/min)
small universal testing machine performing a tensile test in a temperature-controlled saline bath

eXpert 4000 in Heated Saline Bath

The eXpert 4200 series instruments can be configured for use in temperature controlled saline baths. The featured configuration sits atop an Olympus IX-73 XYZ stage and includes a saline bath designed per customer specifications. MicroTester grips are submerged in water, giving the user the desired test space inside the temperature controlled saline bath. The testing frame and the mini load cell have a force capacity of 1kN and can be configured to run testing at speeds up to 25 mm/min.

  • Designed for use in temperature controlled saline bath and on a microscope system
  • Capacity up to 1 kN (225 lbf)
  • Speeds up to 25 mm/min (1 in/min)
eXpert 4000 -MTESTQuattro Controller

eXpert 4200 MTESTQuattro Controller

The eXpert 4200 series instruments include ADMET’s MTESTQuattro Controller and Software that enables users to perform tension, compression, bend, cyclic, stress relaxation tests and more, depending on your needs. This powerful digital closed-loop controller will perform a variety of ASTM, ISO, and custom test procedures and allows users to export test data and results for further analysis in spreadsheet and database programs.

  • Perform tension, compression, flexure, torsion biaxial testing and more
  • Intuitive interface with user definable work spaces and easy to access control panel
  • Extensive and continuously updated analysis library with built-in ASTM specifications
small material testing machine with a 6 inch ruler for scale

eXpert 4000 in Vacuum Chamber

The vacuum-capable ADMET eXpert 4200 MicroTest System is engineered to measure the defect accumulation under stress in high-temperature composites. The system has been designed to fit within a Kimball Physics 4.50in Spherical Cube Vacuum Chamber and includes two 9 conductor vacuum feedthroughs each with a 2.75in CF flange.  Included with the feedthroughs are the cables for both the vacuum and the air sides. The eXpert 4200 features clamping grips for flat and round specimens and crossheads that move in opposing directions to enable high magnification viewing of the specimen.

  • Designed for use in vacuum chamber
  • Capacity up to 250 N (56 lbf)
  • Speeds up to 36 mm/min (1.4 in/min)
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