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The Right Accessories for Your Testing Needs

ADMET test fixtures, grips, and environmental chambers can be used with virtually any manufacturer’s test frames. All we ask are details of your application to make sure our products will give you what you are looking for. If you are unsure of the performance of a grip, send your samples in so we can test them with the various grips!

Extensometers, transducers, and load cells are wired and chipped to be used with ADMET electronics only. Our smartducer chip technology allows users to use multiple transducers with the same controller channel. Users can switch between transducers without needing to recalibrate the transducer.

Test sample preparation tools are used for cutting specimens to the exact dimensions described in an ASTM standard. Specimen dies can be used with a toggle press or a mallet handle. We offer specimen dies for almost every ASTM standard.