ADMET environmental chambers

F-280DT Environmental Chamber

ADMET’s environmental chamber is a two-in-one system (furnace and freezer) that can be configured for use with single or dual-column universal testing machines. The F-280DT environmental chamber is the standard configuration and can test materials up to 350˚C. Either LN2 or CO2 cooling gases can be used with the chamber. Standard dimensions are 220 x 220 x 580mm (8.6 x 8.6 x 22.8in). Environmental chamber dimensions and temperature ranges can be customized upon request.

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ADMET environmental bath

Environmental Baths

ADMET environmental baths allow testing in different mediums at controlled temperatures. Typical applications include testing of biomaterials, stents, and sutures in various mediums. The bath medium in the standard model is contained in an acrylic rectangular flask that is biomaterial and saline compliant. Standard dimensions are 305 x 203 x 76mm (12 x 8 x 3in). Environmental baths can be customized upon request.

The standard system includes drainage and fill ports. Other available accessory options include a PID temperature controller, recirculating pump, and a lid. A full line of complementary grips and submersible load cells to be used with the environmental baths is also available.

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