Puncture fixtures are used to determine the puncture resistance of plastic films, fabric, geomembranes, and other materials. ADMET puncture fixtures can be customized or customers may choose a puncture fixture designed per a specific test method. If you do not see an applicable puncture fixture below, contact us and we will work with you to design a fixture to your specifications. Read our post on Puncture Testing Essentials for further information on puncture testing, recommended equipment, and the test methods that outline puncture test setups.

ASTM D751 Puncture Fixture

FS-PT-ASTM D751 Puncture Fixture

Testing Standards: ASTM D751 Section 18 & Section 22

Fixture Configurations: ASTM D751 includes two sections covering burst and puncture testing. Section 18 requires the use of a spherical plunger to determine the bursting strength of the coated fabric sample. Section 22 requires a sharper puncture probe to determine the puncture resistance of the coated fabric. Both tests are run in the compressive direction where the plunger/probe travels down towards the specimen placed in the specimen holding ring of the FS-PT-ASTM D751. The same specimen holding ring is used for both burst and puncture test methods per ASTM D751.

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eXpert 7603 performing puncture testing, capable of ASTM D3787

FS-PT-ASTM D3787 Puncture Fixture

Testing Standard: ASTM D3787

Fixture Configurations: FS-PT-ASTM D3787 includes a 12.7mm (0.5in) radius probe and a 44.45mm (1.75in) diameter specimen holding ring to measure the bursting strength of textiles by performing a constant-rate-of-traverse (CRT) ball burst test. This test method is applicable for textiles or fabrics exhibiting a high degree of ultimate elongation. 20kN and 50kN fixture options are available.

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Puncture test set up with Single column machine

FS-PT-ASTM D4833 Puncture Fixture

Testing Standard: ASTM D4833

Fixture Configurations: FS-PT-ASTM D4833 includes an 8mm diameter probe and a 45mm diameter specimen holding ring to measure the puncture resistance of geomembranes and related products. 20kN and 50kN capacity fixtures are available.

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FS-PT-ASTM D5748 Puncture Fixture

Testing Standard: ASTM D5748

Fixture Configuration: FS-PT-ASTM D5748 includes a 9.5mm radius probe and a 102mm diameter specimen holding ring to determine the protrusion puncture resistance of stretch wrap film.

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ASTM F1306 puncture test fixture machine

FS-PT-ASTM F1306-SV Puncture Fixture, Small Specimen Version

Testing Standard: ASTM F1306

Fixture Configurations: ASTM F1306 standard specifies a test method  to measure the slow rate penetration resistance of flexible barrier films and laminates. ADMET offers the FS-PT-ASTM F1306-SV to test samples up to 35mm (1.375in) in diameter. The probe radius is 1.6mm, as described by the standard. For single-column universal testing machines with throat lengths less than 203mm (8in), we offer the single-column version of the FS-PT-ASTM F1306 fixtures.

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