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Torsion Test Machines | Determine Torque Properties

ADMET torsion test machines employ a linear slide design for maximum torsional stiffness and minimal axial friction. A reaction torque transducer is attached to a movable tail stock mounted on a linear slide. The tail stock can be left free floating or clamped during testing. All torsion testers feature unlimited rotation in both directions and are ordered as either horizontal or vertical testers. We will also modify a tester to meet your needs.

ADMET eXpert 9000 Series Torsion Testing Systems

ADMET Torsion Testing Systems

ADMET eXpert 9000 30Nm Torsion Fatigue Testing Machine

eXpert 9000 Torsion Tester Demo

eXpert 9000 Torsion Tester Features
eXpert 9000 Torsion Specifications

eXpert 9000 Torsion Specifications

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Featured Configurations

eXpert 9000 for orthopedic testing
eXpert 9000 for automotive component torsion testing
ADMET Rotating Beam Fatigue Torsion Tester
ADMET Rotating Beam Fatigue Torsion Tester

eXpert 9000 for Orthopedic Testing

Available in vertical or horizontal setups, eXpert 9000 torsion testing systems typically feature a variety of grips and fixtures to accommodate testing of orthopedic devices such as bone screw testing, spinal constructs, and intramedullary rods.

eXpert 9000 for Automotive Component Testing

This eXpert 9000 configuration is designed to perform a wide range of torsion tests on automotive components to determine their physical properties and expected lifetime.

Rotating Beam Fatigue Tester

ADMET’s Rotating Beam Fatigue Tester applies force via a pure bending moment and spins the sample at up to 6000 RPM. It is ideal for evaluating fatigue life and creating SN curves.

eXpert 9000 for Academia, Lab Course Setting

This eXpert 9000 configuration is designed to allow students to take raw data and run analysis on their own. ADMET offers multisystem discounts and unlimited number of licenses to set up a lab environment where students can get hands-on experience.

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