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eX5M | Manual Test System

This eX5M Mechanical Force Tester is a versatile manually operated stand with capabilities to 1,000lb (4.4 kN). With the ability to perform tension, compression and bend tests, the system will include an ADMET indicator of your choice. Common indicators used with the eX5M include the Pi-XS indicator to measure and analyze load, load rate, stress, and stress rate or the eP2 DA indicator for more sophisticated applications. Depending on your intended test application, choose tensile grips, compression platens, a peel and/or a puncture fixture to complete your manual test setup. In addition, optional additions include an extensometer to measure the specimen elongation and GaugeSafe Data Exchange software for automatic analysis and export of results to Excel.

eX5M Manual Testers have been configured for use in laboratory classroom settings to enable students to receive both visual and tactile feedback thus re-enforcing the behavior of materials. The ability for students to examine and compare results and experiment with the effects of varying mechanical arrangements and speeds leads to a wider educational experience.

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