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eXpert 1000 Metal Testing System

The ADMET eXpert 1000 series are servohydraulic testing systems widely used to test metal products at very high load capacities. The ASTM E8 configuration was supplied with wedge grips and an axial extensometer as specified in the standard test method. The system was equipped with the ADMET MTESTQuattro controller and software for automated calculations of the yield strength, ultimate tensile strength, percent elongation, and more.

  • Axial force capacity up to 300kN (67,500lbf)
  • Includes wedge grips and extensometer for ASTM E8 Metals Testing

eXpert 1000 Cornell Mattress Testing System

ADMET works with foam and mattress manufacturers to help ensure the quality of their products. The featured configuration was built to run ASTM F1566 Cornell Testing on mattresses up to and including King size. ADMET eP2 controller is preloaded with test procedures to perform the entire Cornell Test without any operator interaction. The servohydraulic actuator can be manually moved along the cross beam in order to initiate testing at different (infinite) locations along the width of the mattress.

  • Capacity up to 5kN (1,000lbf)
  • H-series floor standing custom mattress compression testing frame with Cornell compression platen
  • Automatic calculation of Support Firmness and Dimple values
fretting fixture hydraulic machine

eXpert 1900 Fretting Fatigue System

The ADMET eXpert 1900 series configuration was supplied with a fretting fixture to evaluate the effect of a mean bulk load on the fretting fatigue life of metal alloys. The fretting fixture included clamp collars and carriages with mounts for fretting pads. An extensometer was included to measure the relative motion between the fretting pad and the test specimen. The system was supplied with ADMET MTESTQuattro controller with the ability to perform 2nd axis of control for biaxial testing in addition to cyclic fatigue testing.

  • Fatigue frame capacity up to 250kN (56,200lbf), Torque capacity up to 100Nm( 885 lbf-in)
  • Includes hydraulic grips, fretting fixture, miniature axial extensometer
  • Biaxial add-on for axial-torsion testing
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