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The ADMET eXpert 2650 Series Wide Universal Testing Machines are a great option for customers who require a large testing space as well as precise load and position measurements. The mechanics of the electromechanical testing machine are identical to our standard dual column models to ensure accuracy, but the column to column dimension can be widened by 12 inch increments based on your needs. Large t-slot or tapped hole base plates are often supplied with this model to allow the user the space and freedom to test large and oddly shaped test specimens and final products. In addition, the eXpert 2650 wide machines provide a solution for users that already have (or may require) an environmental chamber or furnace that is too large to fit within most dual column test machines found on the market today.

Any of our controllers can be used to operate the machine, and our sales engineers will be sure to recommend the proper equipment based on your testing application.

  • Highly configurable dual column system for testing materials up to 300kN
  • Large Testing Area customizable to your needs
  • Options for various base plate sizes and types (t-slot, tapped hole) to help users mount large or oddly shaped test specimens
  • Performs tension, compression, bend, friction, and peel tests
  • Exceeds ASTM and ISO standards for accuracy
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