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eXpert 5600 Three-Head Peel Tester

eXpert 5600 Three-Head Peel System

ADMET’s eXpert 5600 can be equipped with a three-head peel fixture to increase efficiency and minimize testing time.

eXpert 5630F Foam Testing System

eXpert 5603F Static Foam Testing System

The eXpert 5603F system includes everything required to perform the ASTM D3574 Indentation Force Deflection (IFD) test on foam.

eXpert 5952F Foam Testing System

eXpert 5952F Dynamic Foam Testing System

ADMET’s eXpert 5952F testing system is designed to perform tensile and compression tests at both standard and high speeds.

eXpert 5600 Mattress Tester

eXpert 5600 Mattress Testing System

The eXpert 5600 Mattress Tester is a highly configurable and versatile machine for testing manufactured mattresses and mattress components.

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