Biaxial friction testing system
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Single column friction testing system.

The ADMET eXpert 7600 Baxial Friction Testing System has been designed to allow users to perform coefficient of friction tests on a variety of samples on a single easy-to-use and compact instrument. You can confidently report results knowing that the system has been engineered to meet all accuracy requirements specified in major standards organizations including ASTM, ISO, TLMI, and PSTC. Users have the ability to select from a list of built-in methods or design their own unique tests.

How it works

The friction testing system uses an eXpert 7600 single-column frame with an additional perpendicular actuator. The standard 7600 actuator provides a tensile force to the specimen while the secondary actuator applies the desired normal force  The two actuator design with one load cell on each allows for bi-directional wear analyses to the specimen. The rigid assembly stage and linear rail design minimize friction as the system moves up and down. The system is controlled using ADMET’s advanced MTESTQuattro controller and software.

Key Features

  • Compact table-top design
  • Perform cyclic coefficient of friction testing
  • Can accommodate various sample geometry and dimensions
  • Exceed ASTM and ISO standards for accuracy

Other Friction Testing 

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