Quality control testing is only as dependable as the equipment you use

quality-control-pic1People depend on your materials— can you depend on your quality control testing?

While engineers have long understood the value of quality control testing it was not until the end of the 19th century that materials standards were created to ensure safety and durability. ASTM, the American Society for Testing and Materials, was founded in 1898 to address the frequent rail breaks experienced by the railroad industry. Since then, ASTM and others like ANSI and ISO have worked to standardize quality control testing to validate the products found throughout our lives.

ADMET’s goal is to help manufacturers increase efficiency of their in-house testing processes. Our systems automatically carry out tests according to ASTM specifications, calculating the results electronically and formatting them for printing or transferring to Excel files. This technology saves significant amounts of time while reducing manual data entry errors.

ADMET’s highly configurable and customizable load frames with detachable actuators can be used to perform a variety of tests on a single machine. Our flexible designs and competitive prices mean you can find ADMET systems throughout a broad range of industries such as foam, medical device, metals, plastics, adhesives, and transportation.

Past customers include:

Equipment commonly used for quality control testing

eXpert 7600

eXpert 7600 Single Column

The eXpert 7600 series single column testing machines are capable of performing tension, compression, flexure and peel/adhesion tests in an affordable and compact package. These machines are popular among quality control professionals due to their reliability, data repeatability, and quick return on investment.

  • Capacity up to 5 kN (1,000 lbf); Speeds up to 2,540 mm/min (100 in/min)
  • Efficiently designed unit fits into 431×520 mm (17×20.5 in) footprint
  • Exceeds ASTM and ISO accuracy standards
  • Read the eXpert 7600 brochure
eXpert 2600 Dual Column

eXpert 2600 Dual Column

The eXpert 2600 series universal testing machines are available in table top or floor standing configurations from 2 kN to 300 kN. A simple yet customizable design allows for lower cost, faster delivery, and years of maintenance free operation.

  • Capacity up to 300 kN (67,500 lbf); Speeds up to 2,540 mm/min (100 in/min)
  • Floor standing units can be modified to provide larger test areas based on customer needs
  • Exceeds ASTM and ISO accuracy standards
  • Read the eXpert 2600 brochure