Testing Solutions for the Adhesive Industry

ADMET’s reliable and easy to use materials testing systems are employed by the adhesive industry to test the peel strength, bonding, and shear properties of adhesives. Types of adhesive materials that are commonly tested include pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes, epoxies, sealants, and thermosetting structural adhesives.  Our pull testing machines have many features specifically designed to simplify testing. For example, our systems can automatically average the data for peel strength loads over a specified distance and will report adhesive strength per unit width of adhesive.

Our adhesive testing systems feature constant-rate-of-extension (CRE) and/or constant-rate-of-load (CRL) control which allows engineers to perform a wide variety of adhesive testing procedures with only one Universal Testing Machine. ADMET’s adhesive testing machines achieve accuracies well in excess of  ASTM or ISO standards. ADMET also offers a large selection of grips and fixtures specifically designed for peel and shear strength tests including the 90 Degree Peel Fixture and the Climbing Drum Peel Fixture.

Common testing standards for adhesives include:

Adhesive Lap Joint Shear Strength Test – Similar to ASTM D1002

How to Perform an Adhesive Strength T-Peel Test – ASTM D1876

90 Degree Peel Testing System – Multiple Specimens

Adhesive Loop Tack Strength Test

How to Perform ASTM D3330 Peel Adhesion of Pressure Sensitive Tape

ASTM D3167 Floating Roller Peel Test

How to Perform ASTM D903 Peel Strength of Adhesive Bonds

Measuring Unwind Force of Pressure Sensitive Tapes – ASTM D3811

eXpert 5600 Dual Column 3-Head Peel Test System
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