Biomaterials and Tissue Testing
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Mechanical Testing Solutions for Biomaterials and Tissues

ADMET testing systems are trusted by leading medical device manufacturers, universities, and medical research laboratories the world over. Whether it’s testing tissue or materials like bioabsorbables, stents, or sutures, ADMET offers a wide range of single and dual actuator systems to meet your biomedical testing needs.

All ADMET test systems exceed accuracy standards and perform tests according to ASTM and ISO standards for tension, compression, bend, torsion, axial-torsion, planar biaxial, static and fatigue testing. ADMET has also become a world leader in miniature test systems that sit atop a microscope stage and fit inside perfusion bioreactors. These sophisticated miniature test systems help tissue engineers and cell biologists perform high resolution investigations in mechanobiology.

Common testing standards for biomaterials and tissue include:

Biomaterials and Tissue Recommended Equipment
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