Foam, Furniture, and Mattress Testing
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Equipment for Foam Testing

ADMET offers a complete product line of mechanical force testing systems configured to perform compression and tensile tests on foam, furniture, and mattresses. The eXpert 5603F foam testing system is specifically designed to perform the ASTM D3574 Indentation Force Deflection (IFD) test and the similar ISO 2439 procedures. The 5603 is the most accurate, flexible, cost-effective, and easiest to use IFD testing machine available in the industry. Our other system configurations include additional capabilities such as tensile/tear testing, large sample testing on furniture, mattresses, and seating, and dynamic control for cyclic testing. The 5900F series is rated for fatigue and can perform constant force pounding tests into the hundreds of thousands of cycles. Other types of tests include the memory foam recovery time test, Cornell Mattress test, and the Squirmin’ Herman test. Every ADMET system is controlled with the proven MTESTQuattro testing software which automatically performs each procedure according to ASTM and ISO standards, as well as custom test experiments and data analysis.

Common testing standards for foam, furniture, and seating include:

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