Dual column testing system configured specifically for static testing of orthopedic devices

The 2600 series testing machines tackle even the toughest orthopedic tests with their superior axial alignment, stiffness, crosshead guidance and max capacity up to 67,500 lbf (300 kN). This highly configurable system can accommodate shortened or extended stroke, increased distance between columns, or the addition of environmental chambers.

eXpert 2600 series testers are used to perform a variety of uniaxial tension, compression and bend tests according to ASTM and ISO standards. Several examples include:

  • F543 A3: Metallic Medical Bone Screws
  • F384: Metallic Angled Orthopedic Fracture Fixation Devices
  • F1829: Static Evaluation of the Glenoid Locking Mechanism in Shear
  • F2516: Tension Testing of Nickel-Titanium Superelastic Materials
eXpert 2600 Specification Chart

eXpert 2600 Specification Chart

  • Highly customizable design based on user needs
  • Perform tension, compression, and bend orthopedic tests
  • Exceed ASTM and ISO standards for accuracy
Click here to download ADMET’s Orthopedic Testing System Brochure

Click here to download the eXpert 2600 System Brochure

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