Metallic Bone Screws
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Solutions for Metallic Bone Screw Testing

Bone screws are the most common internal fixation device and used more then any other type of implant. Bone screws have various applications including driving various designs and sizes of screws. Manufacturers are required to perform device testing in accordance with ASTM F543 and ISO 6475 to determine the mechanical properties of the screw. The ASTM F543 test procedure outlines 4 tests that helps determine different characteristics of the metallic bone screw.

ADMET offers multiple mechanical force testing systems configured to perform compression and torsion testing. For example with our eXpert 8602-F543 our goal was to design the most accurate, flexible, cost-effective, and easy to use bone screw testing machine in the Industry that is capable of performing all 4 test procedures outlined by ASTM F543. Our other systems are capable of performing select ASTM F543 test procedures. All ADMET bone screw test systems are controlled with the proven MTESTQuattro testing software that automatically performs each test according to ASTM and ISO standards, as well as custom test procedures.

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