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Testing Solutions for Syringe Testing

Drugs can be administered to the human body via many routes but perhaps the most common route is using hypodermic needles to inject the drug substances into the bloodstream. Although the popularity of non-invasive drug delivery systems is at rise, certain drugs such as insulin can only be administered to the body via medical needles.

ISO has provided the published standard ISO 7886-1 defining general requirements for the quality, safety and performance of hypodermic syringes since 1993. Manufacturers in the United States are also strictly controlled by the FDA as prescribed in 21CFR part 820. The general requirements for all hypodermic needle quality testing includes; gauging, leakage, needle insertion/penetration, and other mechanical test methods to ensure the end product.

ADMET offers multiple Universal Material Testing systems are configured to meet and exceed the ISO test standards set forth by ISO 7886-1 and can be validated per FDA’s 21CFR part 11. All of the systems are controlled with ADMET’s proven MTESTQuattro testing software that automatically performs each test according to ASTM and ISO standards, as well as custom test procedures.

ISO 7886-1 Syringe Testing

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