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Testing Solutions for Plastic Pipe

ADMET’s universal force testing systems are ideal for testing the properties of plastic pipe.  The eXpert 2600 line of dual column electromechanical systems can be equipped with a wide range of grips and fixtures allowing them to easily tackle many aspects of plastic pipe testing.  These systems perform compression, tensile, ring stiffness, ring flexibility, and other mechanical force tests.  ADMET’s MTESTQuattro software is preloaded with common test methods such as ASTM D2412, ASTM D638, ASTM D695, ASTM D790, and many more.  ADMET’s ASTM D2412 compression platen assembly with two load cells offers unparalleled stiffness and rigidity for testing plastic pipe. The eXpert 2600 systems can be ordered with wide column spacing to accommodate a range of plastic pipe diameters.

All ADMET universal force testing systems feature servo controlled constant-rate-of-extension travel and meet or exceed ASTM E4, the standard practice for force verification of testing machines that is required in order to perform many ASTM and ISO specifications. We also offer a large selection of grips, fixtures, and accessories specifically designed for plastic pipe testing.  All systems are manufactured in Norwood, MA and include lifetime product and application support.

Common testing standards for adhesives include:

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