Puncture Testing Universal Testing Systems

ADMET universal testing systems equipped with a puncture test fixture are capable of determining the puncture resistance of materials such as plastics, films, fabrics, geomembranes, and related products. Puncture testing primarily involves tear and stiffness and measures the resistance of a test specimen to puncture. ADMET offers a selection of puncture fixtures with varying probe and clamp sizes designed according to many ASTM and ISO test standards.

Common puncture testing definitions and keywords include:

  • Puncture resistance: The resisting force to penetration or puncture. Puncture resistance measurements are expressed in force units.
  • Puncture strength: The maximum stress a specimen can withstand before it exhibits failure by a penetrating or puncturing object. Puncture strength measurements are expressed in force per unit area.

Common puncture testing standards include:

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Puncture Testing Equipment

eXpert 2600 for Tensile Testing

eXpert 2600 Dual Column Testing Machine

The eXpert 2600 series universal testing machines are available in table top or floor standing configurations from 2kN to 600kN.

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eXpert 5600 for Tensile Testing

eXpert 5000 Modular Testing Machine

The eXpert 5000 series testing machines feature configurable frame components and a detachable actuator, giving you the ability to configure your system in a variety of vertical or horizontal orientations.

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eXpert 7600 for Tensile Testing

eXpert 7600 Single Column Testing Machine

The eXpert 7600 series single column testing machines are capable of performing tension, compression, flexure and peel/adhesion tests in an affordable and compact package.

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eXpert 1600 for Tensile Testing

eXpert 1000 Servohydraulic Testing Machine

eXpert 1000 Series servo hydraulic testing machines are ideal for testing metals, composites, medical devices and implants, concrete, webbing, and other materials at very high load capacities without breaking your budget.

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eXpert 4000 for Tensile Testing

eXpert 4000 Micro Test Machine

The line of eXpert 4000 series MicroTest Systems are ideally suited to meet the demanding requirements for testing miniature samples.

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Puncture Testing Fixtures

Puncture Testing Fixture