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Tension Testing
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Tension Testing / Tensile Testing Universal Testing Systems

ADMET material testing systems perform accurate and reliable tension tests / tensile tests. Our systems are ideal for measuring the tensile properties of metals, plastics, textiles, adhesives, medical devices and many other products and components. As they pull materials apart, ADMET testing machines accurately calculate mechanical properties such as tensile strength, peak load, elongation, tensile modulus, and yield.

Common tension testing standards include:

Tensile Testing Equipment

eXpert 2600 for Tensile Testing

eXpert 2600 Dual Column Testing Machine

The eXpert 2600 series universal testing machines are available in table top or floor standing configurations from 2kN to 300kN.

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eXpert 5600 for Tensile Testing

eXpert 5000 Modular Testing Machine

The eXpert 5000 series testing machines feature configurable frame components and a detachable actuator, giving you the ability to configure your system in a variety of vertical or horizontal orientations.

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eXpert 7600 for Tensile Testing

eXpert 7600 Single Column Testing Machine

The eXpert 7600 series single column testing machines are capable of performing tension, compression, flexure and peel/adhesion tests in an affordable and compact package.

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eXpert 1600 for Tensile Testing

eXpert 1000 Servohydraulic Testing Machine

eXpert 1000 Series servo hydraulic testing machines are ideal for testing metals, composites, medical devices and implants, concrete, webbing, and other materials at very high load capacities without breaking your budget.

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eXpert 4000 for Tensile Testing

eXpert 4000 Micro Test Machine

The line of eXpert 4000 series MicroTest Systems are ideally suited to meet the demanding requirements for testing miniature samples.

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Tensile Testing Grips

Manual Vise Grips for Tension Testing

Manual Vise

Manual vise grips are versatile tensile grips for capacities of 50kN or less. Plastic, metal, fabrics, films, ceramics, and many other types of samples can be held in a vise grip. Vise grips jaw options include plain, serrated, rubber, diamond-coated, and v-notched faces.

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Pneumatic Grip for Tension Testing


Pneumatic tensile grips are available as either wedge or vise types. They allow for rapid sample changes and constant clamping force. Many types of samples like plastics, metals, fabrics, films, and ceramics can be held in a pneumatic grip. Jaw options for pneumatic grips include plain, serrated, rubber, diamond-coated, and v-notched faces.

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Wedge Grips for Tensile Testing


Wedge grips are used to clamp samples that require a high clamping force. They are the preferred grips for ASTM E8 metals tension testing. The self-intensifying clamping mechanism allows holding samples at high forces. Moving-body wedge grips should be used to avoid compressive loads on the samples. ADMET wedge grips can be supplied with pull rods of different lengths to be used in environmental chambers.

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Rope Grips for Tensile Testing

Rope & Thread

Rope and thread grips are applicable for filaments, cords, yarn, fine wires, narrow ribbons, ropes, and similar materials. According to its friction coefficient, the specimen will be twisted one or more times around the guide roller before being fixed with clamping jaws. The guide rollers generate a slow, notch free stress relief to prevent the breakage of the specimen in the clamping area. Pneumatic versions available for most grip designs.

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Webbing Grips for Tensile Testing

Ribbon & Webbing

Ribbon and webbing grips are applicable for tensile testing of webbings and ribbons. The webbing is fed through the center slot, the drum is rotated and then pinned to lock it in place. As the material is pulled it tightens on itself keeping it from slipping. The drums offer stress relief to prevent the breakage of the specimen in the clamping area.

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Pinching Grips for Tensile Testing


Pinching grips are versatile and easy to use small tensile grips. They are suitable for small force pull and tear tests of components, adhesive bonds, plastic welds, and other low force applications and can be chain mounted for flexible positioning.

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Hydraulic Grips for Tensile Testing


Hydraulic grips are high capacity grips for rigid materials. Hydraulic grip types can be vise, pneumatic, or wedge. ADMET offers hydraulic pumps that convert shop air to high pressure hydraulic force. Hydraulic grips may also be operated by the testing machine’s hydraulic system.

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Self-Tightening Grips for Tensile Testing


Self-tightening grips are ideal for materials that thin as they are stretched such as elastomers and other soft materials. They enable fast loading of plastics, fabrics, films, rubber, and similar materials.

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