Torsion Testing Systems

With an ADMET material testing system, you can accurately and reliably measure the torsional properties of metals, plastics, textiles, adhesives, medical devices and many other products and components. Capacities of the Torsion Load Frames range from 5Nm to 300Nm. Torque capacity load cells range from 0.1Nm to 200Nm.

Torque, also called moment or moment of force, is the tendency of a force to rotate an object about an axis or pivot. Torque is rotational force. The amount of torque developed is proportional to the force applied and to how far from the center of the rotation the force is applied.

Torsion Testing Equipment

ADMET Torsion Testers

Torsion Testing Machines

ADMET torsion test machines employ a linear slide design for maximum torsional stiffness and minimal axial friction.

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Torsion Testing Grips

ADMET Torsion Grips

Torsion Grips

Based on your sample size and testing application, torsion fixtures come in different shapes and designs. Different designs include 5c collet, hexagon or round, chucks, and 3 jaw and 4 jaw centering chucks with collet shanks. ADMET offers torsion fixtures up to 200Nm capacities.

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