ASTM C307 Tensile Testing
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ASTM C307 | Mortars and Grouts | Tension Testing

ASTM C307 is a testing standard that determines the tensile strength of cured chemical-resistant materials in the form of molded briquettes including mortars, brick and tile grouts, machinery grouts, and monolithic surfacings containing aggregate less than ¼ inches. Samples are mounted in a specific type of fixture, “tension clips”, and are pulled in tension.

Although these types of samples are not usually under tension when in service, the data obtained from a tensile test can be useful in determining the rate of cure and other properties.

Before conducting ASTM C307, it is important to read the entire specification in the relevant ASTM publication.

ASTM C307 | Mortars and Grouts | Tension Testing

  1. Prepare test specimen as described in the standard.
  2. Mount and center the specimen in the tension clips.
  3. Apply the load at the crosshead speed specified in the standard.
  • Tensile Strength

ASTM C307 | Mortars and Grouts | Tension Testing

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