Compression Platens are required for ASTM C365 testing
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ASTM C365 | Sandwich Cores | Compression Testing

The ASTM C365 standard covers the determination of compressive strength and modulus of sandwich cores. Results from this test method can be used for sandwich core structural design and development applications, material specifications, and quality assurance. During the test, a uniaxial compressive force normal to the facings of the sandwich core is applied utilizing a universal testing machine equipped with compression platens.

Before conducting ASTM C365, it is important to read the entire specification in the relevant ASTM publication.

ASTM C365 | Sandwich Cores | Compression Testing

Please note: although it is not pictured, a displacement transducer is required to run this test.

  1. Use conditioned square or circular samples in compliance with ASTM C365, to be used only once.
  2. Place the specimen on the lower platen, accommodating the displacement transducer or compressometer as necessary. Make sure the sample is centered between the platens.
  3. Apply a compressive load to the specimen at the specified rate until failure.
  4. Adjust the speed of the testing machine so that failure occurs within 3-6 minutes of testing.
  5. To obtain best results, perform testing in environment that the samples were conditioned in.
  • Ultimate Strength
  • 2% Deflection Stress
  • Compressive Modulus

ASTM C365 | Sandwich Cores | Compression Testing

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