ASTM D2208 Fabric Tensile Strength Testing
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ASTM D2208 | Leather | Breaking Strength

ASTM D2208 is a test method used to determine the breaking strength of light, soft, and round belt leathers, as well as of narrow straps, welt, and laces by the grab method.

Note that this test method is not recommended for specimens that show rupture over 500 lbf (2200 N) because of potential slippage of the specimen in the jaws.

A Universal Testing Machine with specialized grips and a controller are needed to conduct this testing standard.

This summary is meant to provide a background of the test procedure and the equipment needed to perform ASTM D2208. Before conducting the test, it is necessary to read the entire specification from the relevant ASTM publication.

ASTM D2208 | Leather | Breaking Strength

  1. Prepare the specimen as described in the standard.
  2. Place the specimen between the grip jaws with its long axis parallel to the direction of the pulling force.
  3. Start moving the grips apart at the specified rate.
  4. Stop the test once the specimen breaks or ruptures. Record the load required to rupture the specimen as the breaking strength.
  • Breaking Strength

ASTM D2208 | Leather | Breaking Strength

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