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ASTM D2290 | Plastic Pipe | Tension Testing

ASTM D2290 is a test method used to study the apparent tensile strength of plastic pipes using a specialized test fixture to pull apart a ring of pipe cut from a larger sample. The specialized fixture is called a self-aligning split disk, which applies a tensile stress to the ring from the inside of the pipe along its contour. Three different specimen types and procedures are available depending on the material being tested.

Before conducting ASTM D2290, it is important to read the entire specification in the relevant ASTM publication.

ASTM D2290 | Plastic Pipe | Tension Testing

  1. Determine which test procedure and associated specimen geometry you will use based on your pipe material.
  2. Prepare the test specimens as described in the specific test procedure within ASTM D2290. Pay careful attention to the specimen geometries, as the different procedures call for slightly different geometries and treatments.
  3. Mount the specimen in the self-aligning split disk figure, with the reduced areas of the specimen located at the split in the disk.
  4. Apply load to the specimen at the constant speed prescribed by the test standard.
  5. Continue the test until rupture or all yield and maximum loads are recorded.

ASTM D2290 | Plastic Pipe | Tension Testing

ASTM D2290Recommended Equipment
Testing System
  • ASTM D2290 Self-Aligning Split Disk Fixture
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