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ASTM D2344 | Composites | Shear Testing

ASTM D2344 is a testing standard designed to measure the short-beam strength of high-modulus fiber-reinforced polymer matrix composites. Short-beam strength refers to the shear stress developed at the specimen mid-plane at failure. To calculate the short-beam strength, maximum load during the test and the specimen width and thickness values must be used in the equation provided by the standard.

Before conducting ASTM D2344, it is important to read the entire specification in the relevant ASTM publication.

ASTM D2344 | Composites | Shear Testing

Note that there are slight variations depending on the type of sample selected.

  1. Prepare at least five test specimens as described in the standard. Record the width and the thickness at the mid-section and the total length.
  2. Insert the specimen into the bend fixture. Align and center the specimen. The span-to-thickness ratio is specified in the standard. The loading nose should be located mid-way between supports.
    1. For testing flat laminates, use base supports. Each specimen end should overhang the base support centers by at least the specimen thickness.
    2. For testing curved beam specimen, use the ring specimen fixture. The span length between the free-moving slides is specified in the standard.
  1. Apply the force at the constant crosshead speed specified by the standard. Continue loading until either of the following occurs:
    1. A load drop-off of 30%
    2. Two-piece specimen failure
    3. The head travel exceeds the specimen thickness
  1. Record load versus crosshead displacement data throughout the test. Record the maximum load, final load, and the load at discontinuities in the load-displacement data. Finally, record the mode and location of failure.
  • Short-Beam Strength

ASTM D2344 | Composites | Shear Testing

ASTM D2344Recommended Equipment
Testing System
  • FF-D2344 Shear Fixture
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