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ASTM D3574 M | Foam | Recovery Time Testing

ASTM D3574 is a commonly used standard for tests involving flexible cellular foam materials. Test M specifies a method for measuring the recovery time of slow recovery (viscoelastic) foams, like memory foam. It is an important test in the mattress industry.

A universal tensile testing machine and compression platen configuration like found in traditional IFD tests is needed to complete the test procedure. Before conducting ASTM D3574 Test M, it is important to read the entire specification in the relevant ASTM publication.

ASTM D3574 M | Foam | Recovery Time Testing

  1. Prepare and condition the test specimen according to the geometries and guidance described in the test standard for IFD testing.
  2. Place the specimen onto the perforated base compression platen. Lower the circular top platen onto the top of the specimen to apply a small preload and identify specimen thickness.
  3. Indent the specimen to 75% of its original thickness at the speed referenced in the test standard.
  4. After a specified dwell time, remove the circular top platen quickly to the specified deflection (close to original height), and record how much time it takes for foam to contact the top platen.
  • Recovery Time

ASTM D3574 M | Foam | Recovery Time Testing

ASTM D3574 M | Foam | Recovery Time Testing

ASTM D3574 MRecommended Equipment
Testing System
  • Compression Platens
    • Circular 203mm diameter compression platen with a swivel joint
    • 500mm x 500mm lower compression platen with 6.5mm holes on 20mm centers
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