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ASTM D3759 | Adhesives | Tension Testing

Pressure sensitive tape is used in many industries to solve problems such as sound dampening, electrical insulation, EMI/RF shielding, and thermal sealing. ASTM D3759 includes four official methods for testing the tensile breaking strength of pressure sensitive tape. This page briefly outlines the basic test procedure for Test Method A and the equipment required to meet this standard with accuracy. Test methods C and D utilize unique sample preparation and test conditions but follow the procedure from test method A. Test Method B has been designed for reinforced tapes.  For complete instructions and ensuring that your products are in accordance with ASTM D3759, please refer to the official specification in the ASTM publication.

ASTM D3759 | Adhesives | Tension Testing

Test Method A

  1. Mount the standard sample, ADMET recommends pneumatic action grips with serrated faces.
  2. Align grips for uniform testing
  3. Apply no more tension than required to remove slack
  4. Begin pulling test at the specified rate from Table 1 in the standard


  • Breaking Strength
  • Elongation
  • Breaking Energy (Optional)
  • “F” Values (Optional)

ASTM D3759 | Adhesives | Tension Testing

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